My satisfaction as a medical practitioner lies in saving as many lives as possible using all resources I can put my hands on. Each day I pause to think of ways to reach out to another soul in need of my help. I found offering second opinions another satisfying way, besides my daily surgical job, to reach out to patients. I am aware of the challenges faced by doctors around the world, not to mention in resource limited settings. The medical second opinions we offer, which are obtained from the cream of medical specialists working at among the best medical centres around the world, are invaluable to every patient seeking peace of mind and speedy recovery! A caring doctor is one who welcomes ideas from colleagues; second opinions are another source of useful information that every doctor needs. An opinion which is similar to first only gives you more confidence in your current treatment - for best results. I received testimonials from many satisfied European patients or their carers! We reserve this space for all stories from any of our patients. Your story may help us save yet another life!

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