V&C Intl. d.o.o. offers you a medical second opinions service which allows you to access opinions of the cream of medical specialists based at the world’s best medical centres. We are based in South Africa and Slovenia; however you can access our services from any part of the world.

The Expert Medical Second Opinions (EMSO) service offers exclusive versatility to patients; you can contact us by telephone, e-mail or via an e-form available on this site (Contact us).

We have at least eight years of experience in offering high quality medical second opinions from USA to European patients. We are glad to have established long term cooperation with specialist physicians whose expertise traverses all fields of medicine. We cooperate with medical specialists based at world renowned hospitals in Boston, Harvard Medical School and medical centres in other parts of the world.

EMSO, a product unique to V&C Intl. d.o.o., is a secure, online access tool that provides you with an opportunity for indirect but personalised interaction with the best medical specialists in different fields of medicine. We guarantee professional handling and accurate reporting of your diagnostic materials. We facilitate access to second opinions by presenting your medical records and a detailed report on your condition to medical specialists comprising our second opinions network. At the end of the process, we guarantee that you will receive the best medical second opinion on your  condition based on traceable scientific facts.

Obtaining a medical second opinion from V&C Intl. d.o.o. allows you an ample chance to receive optimal treatment, recover quickly and to have peace of mind through your recovery.

How do you obtain a medical second opinion from abroad?

If you think you need a medical second opinion on your condition, you probably need one. To obtain a second opinion, contact us by phone, e-mail or via an e-form available on this web site (contact us!). We will advise you about the documentation you need from your doctor before we can initiate the process of obtaining a second opinion for you. We require that you send us copies of your medical documentation, including images where necessary. We may interview you and/or your doctor in order to obtain all the necessary information that we need before drafting a report on your condition. Depending on your condition, we will inform you of our turn-around time for the process. All communication between you and V&C Intl. d.o.o. is via telephone and internet (e-mail or via an e-form). 

As soon as you sign a contract with V&C Intl. d.o.o., send all the necessary medical documentation and pay the required fees, the process of preparing a medical report by our service consultant will be initiated. The medical report prepared by our consultant and sent to medical specialist will consist of information on: patient description, patient’s medical your medical history, the current status of your disease, results of tests and examinations done, and the treatment prescribed or planned by your doctor. Our service consultant will work closely with you and your doctor to formulate a report and questions pertaining to your condition, which will be transmitted, together with other medical documentation, to our second opinions network, where the best medical specialist in the field under which your condition falls will be selected. We send the report through a secure internet based link (password protected) on the second opinions website. This link ensures maximum security of your medical data and privacy. We may transmit histological specimens and diagnostic imagery by courier where necessary. As soon as your documentation is received in USA, the process of assessing and formulating a second opinion begins.

V&C Intl. d.o.o. is assured to handle second opinions that are prepared by the cream of medical specialists stationed at the best medical institutions in the USA or elsewhere in the world. Credentials of the specialist who handles your case are not a secret; as such we provide you with such information additional to the second opinion. Such information allows you to ascertain credibility of the second opinion you receive, which ensures peace of mind through your recovery.

You can expect to obtain a medical second opinion through our services within a minimum period of 4 days; however, for conditions which require urgent attention, we can obtain an opinion within 1 to 2 days at a nominal extra charge. As soon as a second opinion is received by our service consultant, it is immediately transmitted to you. Our service consultant may interpret the medical second opinion for you.  Your doctor will evaluate the opinion with you and decide on further treatment. Your doctor is not under obligation to follow the second opinion.

Advantages of obtaining an Expert Medical Second Opinion (EMSO)

Our long term service and working relationship with the second opinion network and a growing record of satisfied  customers in Europe make our Expert Medical Second Opinion a worthy investment for your health.

We have several years of experience in obtaining high quality medical second opinions through cooperation with a dedicated network of international medical experts at the world’s best medical centres and medical schools. The second opinions network ensures that only the best medical experts handle your case.

We have dealt with a wide variety of medical conditions, including very complex ones. Most of the second opinions we obtained on behalf of our clients have resulted in alternative course of treatment and led to better treatment outcomes.

Our medical second opinions are secure, genuine and traceable. We send your diagnostic materials via a secure web link (password protected!) to a dedicated office in Boston (USA). The personnel at the second opinions network office then forward your diagnostic materials and a report to medical experts in the field under which your condition falls. The medical specialists, upon receipt of your diagnostic materials and report, will begin the process of interpreting and seeking the best treatment strategy. The opinion they give will be based on the materials presented, their experience with similar cases and information from current scientific publications on your condition. The medical experts then issue a detailed and informative Expert Medical Second Opinion report (in English) which will be transmitted to us through the secure web link. The identity and profile of the medical experts who would have handled your case are always sent to you.

We provide you with the original Expert Medical Second Opinion report in English language. Please note that we do not translate the second opinion reports. We can interpret the Expert Medical Second Opinion verbally for you on request. Your personal doctor will discuss the second opinion with you and advice you on the best course your treatment will take.

An Expert Medical Second Opinion affords you peace of mind, knowing that the treatment you are receiving is based on the opinion of an independent specialist or team of medical experts.

We are proud to be the first company to offer Expert Medical Second Opinions to patients in Southern Africa in all fields of medicine through our cooperation with the international consortium of medical experts. Our greatest satisfaction lies in seeing you recover from illness quickly and without complications! Remember your health is your responsibility. However, we all get sick at one time or another, but do not allow your sickness to slow you down. Allow us to help you access the best treatment which is based on the latest scientific findings. You have more important contributions to your family and society; allow the experts take care of your health! Consult us today!